What is a Thermal Performance Assessment?

Thermal Performance refers to how well a structure responds to changes in external temperature during the daily and seasonal cycles.

An energy efficient property will maintain a steady comfortable temperature inside whilst incurring as little energy costs as possible. This is often best achieved by firstly improving the thermal performance of the property by providing high levels of insulation on all surfaces and adopting passive design techniques.


Thermal Performance Assessment

A Thermal Performance Assessment determines a building’s ability to maintain a comfortable temperature all year-round with minimal drain on energy consumption.

A Thermal Performance Assessment achieves this by measuring the heating and cooling loads of each conditioned zone within the home. These heating and cooling loads are calculated once all relevant building and design information has been entered into an accredited software program.

The heating and cooling loads must be equal to or less than those set down by the Department of Planning and Infrastructure for your climate zone to be compliant.  If the initial assessment doesn’t meet the required heating and cooling loads we will provide you with expert advice and recommendations regarding building materials, window options and other specifications tailored to meet your project energy objectives.

It is recommended that a Thermal Performance Assessment be carried out prior to finalising the Development Application plans as the design may need to be amended to achieve compliance.

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A Beautiful Energy Efficient Modern House - Sydney, Australia

A Beautiful Energy Efficient Modern House - Sydney, Australia